Testimonials – Actors


“When I joined Great West Talent, I enrolled in the acting classes and because Bill really made an effort to film scenes the way they are done on a set it prepared me for the real thing. I especially appreciated Bill’s ability to break down scenes and ask questions that helped us the actors to understand the scene and build characters.

I have now been an ACTRA member for over 15 years and have an extensive resume which includes both TV and Film projects.”

–long-time ACTRA member Brian Copping.  Testimonial October 2016

“When I started looking for an agent it was important for me to find a person that would believe in and fight for me. Bill has done exactly that for 16 years.  With his support I have accomplished some amazing achievements in acting.  One where I really thank Bill for his commitment to helping me prepare and succeed was a lead role in Dawn Anna. In the movie I was fortunate enough to have a scene with Debra Winger.
This industry is tough. Bill’s training and direction has been instrumental in my success and growth.  His coaching helped to prepare me for auditions and working on set while his hands on classes and on-set simulations and camera shots gave me the confidence that I needed to showcase my talent.
Bill exceeded my expectation as an agent by genuinely caring about me as a person. The amount of time Bill has put into my success is incalculable.”-
Robert Theberge, long time ACTRA Member.  Testimonial October 2016

In my most humble opinion, with what I know of him, setting aside his own extensive personal actors training and impressive educational history, Bill Davidson is one of, if not, the most knowledgeable, experienced & aggressive acting mentors & agents in Alberta.  

Now as an ACTRA Apprentice, I strongly feel that of all the acting instructors, teachers, coaches, etc., I’ve ever had between the only person in Edmonton and all the fantastic ones out in Vancouver, until this day I still owe my core acting ability & training to Bill and his incredible
attention to detail regarding all aspects of acting, technical & non-technical.  Of the times I’ve been approached by people, including family & friends, about getting even a little taste of acting, I always refer them to the first person that trained me.  And if anyone is sincerely
serious about acting and want to receive a truly robust actors training, they’d be foolish not to consider BILL DAVIDSON.”- 
Fareed Abdelhak is both a member of The Directors’ Guild of Canada and an ACTRA apprentice member who has worked on both sides of acting and production.  Testimonial October 2016

Bill has been my agent since 1997.  Many people who want to get into this industry don’t realize the work that has to be put into it.  I was one of those people.  It took a couple of years to realize that but Bill had the patience.  Once I started taking his training and coaching techniques seriously and putting them into action, not only did it make me love the craft more but I started booking roles.

Later on while out in Vancouver for an extended time I took some of the ongoing classes out there and found myself getting a little confused.   Bill’s TV and Film classes were by far the best for me, and when I returned to Edmonton I retook a couple of his course and it cleared things up for me and again I booked a couple of choice roles in Calgary.  

While in Vancouver I did also take workshops with two top L.A. acting teachers/coaches, Larry Moss and Warren Robertson that were brought into Vancouver by studios there.   They were great, and what it made me realize was that in some of Bill’s advanced classes many of his techniques were right up there with and the same as the top American coaches, but unlike those top American teachers, Bill did them film material while teaching the technical part of film and TV acting and audition prep and performance.

I also experienced trying out a Vancouver agent while Bill remained as my coach.  That experience taught me you definitely won’t find someone out there who really takes the time to get to know your type and abilities much past what is on your resume and how you look for submissions.  Bill always did and knew even out in Vancouver how to submit me better than the Vancouver agent. He knows what to submit me for and what my challenges will be with each role and works on it with me.  ….and I feel this is all because of his own acting background.   Definitely great having an agent who is passionate about the craft and about coaching it.  Thanks Bill!”   Margherita Donato, long time ACTRA member. Testimonial Nov. 2016

“I’ve known Bill for over 10 years. When I first met him, I told him how serious I was about acting and he recommended his classes. It was exactly what I was looking for. He has an unparalleled work ethic and demands nothing shorter of his serious clients.

Not only did he work with me personally on bad habits that often come with new actors but in these classes we learned and practiced techniques that got to the true core of a performance. We learned how to ignore the methods of faking it and how to really hone in on building an authentic genuine performance. We learned about the hard ground work that is required to truly get in a character’s head and embody them. 

These classes with Bill were such a great training ground and practice of hard work. They were also a safe space to explore your craft so that you could learn by doing.

There was not one class where Bill was “phoning it in” or running through the routine. Every class he gave the utmost attention to every individual to truly help them grow. He cared about what he was doing more than anyone else could, it was his life. 

As an agent, Bill has this same care, attention, and work ethic. The line of communication he keeps with you is something you won’t find anywhere else. He makes sure to always check up on you and makes sure you’re never doing yourself a disservice. 

If you’re serious, Bill will take you on as a partner and do everything in his power to get you to that next level. He’s always available, he’s always honest, and he’s always working. He’s always there for advice and always has ideas to help you progress as an actor. 

I am grateful to Bill for all of this.

-Julian Domingues” – testimonial Dec. 2016