Audition Taping & Coaching

Private coaching as an option with an experienced coach is a terrific opportunity for actors represented by this agency to help make the most of their audition opportunities. Most talent here in Edmonton don’t realize that many actors in larger centers like Vancouver, both children and adults, see acting coaches to increase their chances and make them more competitive on what is often short notice in those centers for even large roles. While in Edmonton most film and TV auditions are given better notice, there are still some quite short notices for larger productions down in Calgary. The issues here are more that auditions are sporadic and can be sometimes for certain types far between, so coaching can help keep your skills up and help you build a resume faster in a slower market.


Coaching:  fees range from $25 to $45 per half hour depending on the type of project and size of the role.

Taping: Fees are $45 per half hour to tape with professional equipment and upload the video to casting