Since first coaching actors Dakota House and Chad Krowchuk, (check their career status now on the IMDB, to win their first significant film roles at the request of a local casting director, Mr. Davidson has successfully helped actors he also represented as an agent with coaching, to win an estimated well over 200 film and TV roles over the years. These roles include things like a recurring Guest Lead on Heartland, a lead role on the Canadian film 45 rpm, a recurring lead role on the series Mixed Blessings, a difficult principal role on The Assassination of Jesse James, as numerous other roles on productions shot in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, and Montreal. Countless more is the number of actors he has helped get shortlisted for roles by casting or directors or to get callbacks for roles and come close on being hired.

In a couple of occasions he decided to give free coaching to anyone who wanted it with some great results.

For one commercial shot in Calgary in particular he thought it would be worthwhile to volunteer coaching to see if he could get some talent hired in a U.S. National Super bowl commercial for Subway. This was the original three commercials aired when Subway started toasting subs. Of the 8 or so talent who went to Calgary for the commercial audition, five had callbacks. One of the commercials involved two adults and one main child role and three other kids. Out of the four kids hired, two were from this agency, one from Calgary and one from Vancouver. For a commercial shot in Calgary this is a terrific result. The girl from here who won the lead child role beat out talent from Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles. Casting advised she was hired because in her videotaped second audition, which had to be done in Edmonton and was videotaped and coached by Bill because the parent was unavailable to drive to Calgary for the callback, she nailed all three of the different directions that had been given by the producers. Those two child roles are to this day the two largest paid roles for a single day of work in the history of this agency.

On another occasion earlier on in his career as an agent, he decided to offer free coaching to every actor going for auditions for an Edmonton filmed U.S. network made for television movie The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve. Of the 23 actors or so who came in for coaching, 17 of them were shortlisted by casting to show to the director, and 12 or so of them received callbacks and seven ended up hired. Including one actor bumped up from extra to speaking role on the movie, eight actors hired out of a total of approximately 18 or19 roles cast in Edmonton is a significant number for one agency on a project like that.


Coaching is a voluntary choice for any client, and fees range from as low as $25 per half hour to $45 per half hour depending on the size of role and the size of the production. Even at the high end fee the coaching is priced similarly to private singing lessons.