From time to time Bill Davidson has brought in guest instructors with different skill sets to help develop actors. Other times, he’s brought in different casting directors to introduce them to his students and to listen to what they have to say about talent and the industry.
Here is a list of some of them:

Bette Chadwick – Auditioning for Commercials

Bette Chadwick was an Edmonton casting director who cast projects in Edmonton and Calgary, then moved to Vancouver to operate her own casting agency there. Credits include ANDROMEDA, ESCAPE FROM MARS, THE OUTER LIMITS, LONESOME DOVE (TV), BYE BYE BLUES, and numerous other projects.

Michael Ironside – Acting

Michael Ironside is a well known Canadian actor whose credits include WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, COLD CASE, CASTLE, CRIMINAL MINDS, JUSTICE LEAGUE, ER, THE DISTRICT, STARSHIP TROOPERS, TOP GUN, and many more.

Carol Tarlington – Film Auditions and Cold Reads

Carol Tarlington is the owner and head instructor at Tarlington Training in Vancouver. She is also a former agent and Vancouver casting director. Her casting credits include EDGEMONT, COLD SQUAD, MILE ZERO, RENEGADEPRESS.COM and a number of other television and film projects.

Jackie Lind – Auditions

Two-time Emmy winner for casting, Jackie Lind casts for projects in Calgary and Vancouver. Her numerous credits include FARGO, HELL ON WHEELS, LEWIS AND CLARK, STRANGE EMPIRE, HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS.

Rhonda Fisekci – Auditions

Two-time Emmy nominee for casting, Rhonda Fisekci is a Calgary casting director who casts projects in both Calgary and Edmonton. Her numerous credits include HEARTLAND, ONE DRUNK PUNK, BLACKSTONE, CUT BANK, WYNNONA EARP, DELMER AND MARTA, TINY PLASTIC MEN, KLONDIKE, and numerous others.
David LeReaney-General American accents and Fargo(North Dakota/Minnesota) accents
David is a very experienced Calgary actor who is a graduate of the U of A’s BFA acting program and has numerous credits in Calgary theatre and film. He has coached numerous actors on accents for the series Fargo and numerous other American projects. He has been the dialect/accent coach on many projects including CUT BANK(Edmonton), and FARGO(series) (Calgary).